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The Treatment with Selina Raven and Madison Young
Added: 16th December 2009
Posted By: Sean
Views: 61554
Comments: 17

Naughty madison (madison young) gets herself arrested and ends up getting the treatment for assault and because of her sassy mouth. She is given a good hard and long spanking in her jail cell.

Tags: spanking otk hand femdom madison young selina raven
A Good Spanking
Added: 16th December 2009
Posted By: Sean
Views: 23206
Comments: 1

Sean comes home from working all day to find that she has not done any of the chores he asked her to do during the day. After questioning her he learns that she went to the beach with friends all day instead of doing the things she had promised to do. He decides a discipline spanking is in order...

Tags: spanking otk hand sean west
The Secretary
Added: 16th December 2009
Posted By: Sean
Views: 24318
Comments: 6

Naughty secretary is wasting company time by habitually arriving to work late and chatting to friends on her cell phone and MySpace while she is at work. She has dressed too casually by wearing jeans and flip flops to the office and is chewing gum at her desk. When her boss Sean comes in and...

Tags: spanking otk hand paddle sean west
Honey Im Home
Added: 16th December 2009
Posted By: Sean
Views: 37121
Comments: 7

Sean arrives home exhausted from a long day of work to find his lovely blonde wife in their very messy kitchen hurriedly pulling out pans and ingredients to make dinner. Upon inquiring why dinner was not ready for him and why the house is such a mess he learns that she had spent her day at the...

Tags: spanking otk hand sean west
Spanked On The Set with Julie Simone
Added: 16th December 2009
Posted By: Sean
Views: 22621
Comments: 2

Julie Simone is late to her photo shoot and gets mouthy with the photographer until he threatens to call her agent. In order to keep her job Jesse talks her into taking a good long and hard spanking over her latex pants and bare bottomed with his hand and strap.

Tags: spanking hand otk julie simone
real wife strapped hard
Added: 30th December 2009
Posted By: wendy125
Views: 67774
Comments: 0

This real wife is being strapped hard by her hubby

Tags: strapping real domestic discipline caning spanking
Spanked for being drunk
Added: 30th December 2009
Posted By: wendy125
Views: 23812
Comments: 0

when this wife comes home drunk after a night out her hubby spanks her hard to sober her up

Tags: spanking domestic discipline otk
3 Spanked Sisters
Added: 11th January 2010
Posted By: Outlaw
Views: 38258
Comments: 3

Sisters Kelly, Kim, and Karrisa come to Outlaw with forged report cards. They've turned their F's into A's. The deception doesn't work, Kim breaks down and admits the deception. It is time for a hard spanking. First all three girls go OTK for some serious hand spanking. Then...

Tags: spanking spank anal assfuck buttfuck pain
3 Hours Late: A lesson she will never forget.
Added: 23rd February 2010
Posted By: Outlaw
Views: 47642
Comments: 3

Who shows up three hours late for a job interview? Only a stripper. Her boss decides to teach her a lesson right away. Very very hard spanking on a fat bare bottom.

Tags: spanking spank anal assfuck
Strippers Will Drive you Crazy
Added: 2nd March 2010
Posted By: Outlaw
Views: 21904
Comments: 5

Strippers, can't live with them and it is still illegal to shot them. The only thing I know to keep them in line is to spank them. Two Girls at the bar have been misbehaving: Destiny and Coco fighting over customers. Both Girls are spanked and then Outlaw spanks them. Hard spanking action on...

Tags: spank spanking anal assfuck whip cane paddle strap
Sassy Sister's Spankings! Act II
Added: 23rd March 2010
Posted By: ScarlettHill
Views: 34057
Comments: 5

Little Sis & real-life exotic dancer Alexis Taylor is ALL grown up into an absolutely voluptuous vixen who makes her living making men drool, but when Big Brother Bill catches her living a lie & a dangerous double life as an exotic dancer in New York City's hottest club, this little...

Tags: spank spanking discipline OTK brother sister
6th form bully spanked hard m/m
Added: 29th July 2010
Posted By: spanker450
Views: 45404
Comments: 9

naughty lad gets a sound spanking

Tags: otk spank brat
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