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 Ok, this is probably going to be short. Of course, i say that every time I start writing.  This happened when I was 13 years old. I lived in a small neighborhood of row hom..
Tags: f/f spanking, otk, over the knee,
Privacy: Everyone

July 17 2012One of those days
 You know, this scene is weird. Not for the obvious reasons but as a spanker I can go weeks sometimes months without spanking someone. I can't find a girl who needs or wants to be spanked. It j..
Tags: spanking, over the knee, discipline, paddle, brush,
Privacy: Everyone

 I'm bored. I'm at work. We're slow. Nothing to do. Completed all my tasks. Approved work. Went to the meetings. Now, I have a few hours to waste and I'm here. I have no i..

 Depending on how many of the stories and blogs you've read over the years, you know that I was a rock musician from my mid-teens to my mid 20's. It was a great time in my life for a ton of rea..

 Ok, here's a question that I've had for decades.  Switching. Not the act of striping a girl's bottom with thick, red welts with a branch from a tree. I'm talking about goin..

 This is in a series of real life spankings I've administered in my life. Lisa was one of the women who wasn't in to spanking. You'll read about this one. But in reality, I gave her another one..
Tags: over the knee spanking, disobedient, discipline, tears
Privacy: Everyone

June 8 2012DJ OTK
 While we're on the subject of real life spankings, here is one that happened a long time ago. At one time, I was a DJ at a local club. I was the entertainment between the live bands. It's was ..

 Not sure what people look for in a spanking blog. Experiences? Stories? Philosophy? Perspective? Insights? I just writte with a stream of consciousness. I don't know what I"m go..

June 6 2012Another memory
 In another life, years ago, I sold radio air time. I hated it. Cold calling from 9 til 5 . Every day. Worse than that, I sucked at it. They kept me there because they liked me. Simple as that...

June 5 2012Young girls
 Ok. I have a connundrum. I'm in my 50's. That's not the connumdrum. I'm in my 50's and lately I've been getting emails from young girls wanting to see if we can connect for a discipline/spanki..

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