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From this month's issue of. . .

For old-fashioned ladies and the modern-minded girls in their care

Issue 2.08: October 2004


The Sound Of Spanking
Bared Affair looks at the aural aspect of corporal punishment and how it enhances the entire experience.

By Seegee

We have five senses: sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. They complement each other and one sense can add to what another experiences. For example: the smell of baking bread, brewing coffee or sizzling bacon often sharpens our sense of taste and makes a meal more enjoyable. Spanking is much the same. The sound of a paddle striking home or the meaty slap of hand on bottom often intensifies and adds to the feel of being spanked. Discussions we recently held with mothers, daughters, school teachers, students and even a professional psychiatrist confirm this belief.

Wilma Franklin, a Vancouver mother of three, is a firm believer in a time-honoured paddling for misbehaviour, despite her daughters' ages of 17, 18 and 21. We spoke to her about the girls' reactions to her paddle. "They're usually begging and pleading and telling me that they won't do it again as soon as I produce Mr Sting" -- as she has christened her old sorority paddle -- "but I just tell them to bare their bottoms and bend over the table."

The girls, who were all present, blushed and dropped their heads, the eldest muttering under her breath.

"I'd never really thought of it before, but the sound does affect them," Mrs Franklin continued. "They all tighten their backsides as they hear the paddle whoosh through the air and sometimes I don't follow through, but just tap them to make them relax the muscles a little. It's for their own good. The paddle hurts more on a tightly clenched bottom."

Quote said...
'For the rest of my life I'll associate [the paddle's] sharp crack with a hot, stinging bottom,' says one woman.

The no-nonsense mother continued with a fond look at her daughters. "They usually yell when it hits, makes a good, loud crack. Both sounds let me know I've got through to them, the noise of the paddle, that firm splat, and the louder the yell the more they feel it, I think. Sometimes when I'm paddling one and another can hear you can see them flinching with each swat. I know their bottoms are remembering their last encounter with Mr Sting, even though they're not actually feeling it. So I think the sound has a wonderfully positive effect."

The only Franklin girl willing to speak on the record was 21-year-old Francine. She confided that sisters Kirstie and Priscilla had been paddled earlier that day and had no wish to relive any part of the painful experience by discussing it. "Mum really knows how to paddle," Francine admitted with a frown, "I don't know where she learned. Maybe it's just something Mums know how to do. What she said is true though, the sound really sharpens it all up. I've been spanked by hand too and for a while when I was younger Mum used a hairbrush."

Miss Franklin noted that the brush hurts a lot, but the sting is not the same as the paddle. "I think a lot of it has to do with that crack," she said. "It's like when I hear that, every nerve ending in my backside lights up and it doesn't take a lot of swats before I'm wailing for Mum to stop and promising to never ever be naughty again. Even at 21 I'm not ashamed to admit that. The other day a car backfired and my bottom clenched, honestly! It has that same crack. I think for the rest of my life I'll associate that sharp crack with a hot, stinging bottom."

Thin Rattan Whistling through the Air

Eleanor Phipps, 47, the headmistress of exclusive girls school Pentecostal Ladies College in Christchurch, New Zealand, also agreed that sound is an important part of any good chastisement. "I cane the girls," Ms Phipps explained, over tea, in her office. "A good, tight lacing for infringements puts them right. We only cane for major infractions though: truancy, smoking, cheating, that sort of thing. I can remember my own days as a schoolgirl and the sick feeling you got in your stomach when sitting outside the head's office listening to a caning in progress."

The headmistress recalled that even if you'd never been caned before, you knew what the sound of the thin length of rattan whistling through the air meant. "The zipping noise the cane made as it connected, and the scream of the unfortunate girl in the office, were the hallmarks of a traditional punishment when I was young. Once a girl has been caned, it only takes those sounds to feel the remembrance of those stinging lines of fire across her own rear end."

Headmistress Phipps smiled and showed the cane that she uses on her students. It was a long, thin length of wood, the same thickness all around with a crooked handle. "I vary the amount of strokes depending on age, crime and whether or not they are a repeat offender. A first year girl up before me for her first caning, for sneaking out of the grounds without authorisation may only receive one stroke, whereas a third year I'm seeing for the fourth time in a term for being caught smoking the second time will feel the full benefit of the time honoured six of the best."

The cane was set down on the stern headmistress's desk with a firm click, and she continued. "Now that I'm on the giving and not the receiving end I can see how the girls respond to the sounds that a caning makes. Bottoms develop gooseflesh when they hear the cane tapping on the desk, I always tap it on the side of the desk a few times first. They all clench tightly as it whistles through the air, the sound it makes as it bites into a tender teenage bottom is a smart whipping noise, they often howl before they feel the full impact or the line of fire it raises. I believe that this is because the sound lets them know what is coming. You generally hear well before you feel."

Heather Unsley, 16, is one student who is well acquainted with Ms Phipps' cane. Teachers and other students alike agreed that young Miss Unsley, in her fifth year at Pentecostal Ladies College, had a more intimate knowledge of the cane than any other girl currently in attendance at the school. We sat down in a free classroom and Heather giggled as she settled onto her chair. "Just as well you didn't interview me last week, I would have had to do this standing up!"

The bubbly, blonde schoolgirl explained. "I got caught trying to copy off Judy Stosic in maths. It wasn't like she had to tell the teacher. I wasn't even going to use all of her answers, just enough to get me a pass. The silly cow stuck her hand up and went: 'Miss! Miss! Heather's copying!'" Heather mimicked her classmate, "so of course it was: 'Heather Unsley, go to Ms Phipps' office now!'"

Heather sighed. "Her secretary doesn't even bother asking me what it's for now, just buzzes through and tells Ms Phipps that the 'Unsley girl' is here for another whacking! I got eight that day. Most times you only get four, but I always get extra because I'm there so often. I think it was the third time I got busted copying. I honestly don't know how Ms Phipps expects me to concentrate in class when all I can think about is how much my bum hurts! So when you look at it, it's really her fault that I'm not doing so well and have to copy from other people. It's a vicious circle."

Without Sounds, It's Not a 'Real' Punishment

Through laughter the question was put to Heather about the sounds of a caning.

"What it sounds like?" she frowned. "I've never really thought about it, but because I'm bending over the desk I can't see anything so I guess my ears and how my backside feels are pretty much all I've got to go on. The first thing you hear is the tap of the cane on the desk. She taps it on the side of the desk four times, it's always four quick taps, tap, tap, tap, tap, never more, never less. I bet she doesn't even know how many times she does it, I do. Am I going to get marked on this? I think caning is one subject I can pass!"

The sixteen-year-old giggled and resumed her description. "When I hear the tapping I feel like something is crawling over my bottom and my tummy tightens. The next thing you hear is the cane whistling through the air, I don't know how far she winds her arm back, but it must be fair way, because it seems like forever before the cane lands. You hear that sharp, short report as the cane strikes home and then bites in. You don't feel the sting until the cane is removed, I generally don't hear a lot else after that, because once the cane puts that first line of fire across my rear end I start to yell and that's all I can hear, just my yells and all I can feel is the fires lighting up right across my bum. I'm always a sobbing mess at the end of it, too. Makes a right mess of my makeup. If I couldn't hear it all so well, the tapping, the whistle and then that first snap I don't think I'd feel it as much, it wouldn't feel like a real caning without those sounds."

Jacqueline Osgood, MD, is a registered practising psychotherapist living just outside Atlanta, Georgia. Her special area of expertise is childhood memories, specifically those involving corporal punishment. The vivacious redhead assured us that while she does not actively advise any of her clients to spank their children, she is no opponent of an old fashioned, bare bottom spanking and was in fact the recipient of many during her own formative years. "I honestly don't think the time I spent face down over my mother's lap did me any harm," Dr Osgood admitted, "it certainly hurt at the time and I didn't sit too comfortably for an hour or two afterwards. But it cleared the air, and many of my friends who were grounded or had their allowances docked instead of being spanked thought that I had the better deal."

Quote said...
In one adult's case, the sound is all she can remember about the spankings she received as a teenager.

Asked if she associated any sounds with spanking, the 38-year-old said that in fact she did and so did a number of her clients. "For as long as I can remember Mama never gave me just one spanking. I suppose to her it was one spanking, but I always broke it into two parts. The first part was with her hand. I can still remember the rustle of her skirt as I was placed over her lap and settled into position, and then the sharp, rubbery crack as her hard, experienced palm slapped down across my upturned bottom. I started to grunt and gasp and felt a little fire kindle down there as my mother's palm continued to make its popping, splatting noises on my tushie."

When she was near tears, the punishment was intensified, she remembered. "That's when Mama picked up Mr Hairbrush and let him do the talking. Even now when I brush my hair and feel the smooth, polished wooden back I can hear the whack it made as it smacked down over my bottom and the slight change as mother switched from the meaty part of my derriere to that tender crease where thighs and buttocks meet. Another sound entered the punishment at this time, and that was the sound of me howling and begging to be let off. Mama called it 'spanking music.'" Dr Osgood smiled gently and reminisced. "However, my mother never finished until she was sure that I had received the full benefit of a bottom roasting."

Samantha Lestrier is a 26-year-old brunette recommended for an interview by Dr Osgood. She has been seeing Dr Osgood for a year and regularly discusses the "whippings" meted out by her aunt for all and any misbehaviour when the girl was a teenager. "Aunt Harriet was an old fashioned lady," Miss Lestrier said in her soft southern drawl, "she was a good deal older than Mom and I guess she found it kind of odd to be in her spinsterhood and suddenly landed with a kid. Mom did spank me, but I don't think I ever knew what a spanking was until Mom died and I had to go and live with Aunt Harriet. Aunt Harriet didn't spank as such, she whipped. That was what she called them: whippings. I can't really remember what they felt like, I think after a while my bottom went numb, anyway. Maybe I don't want to remember them," Samantha confessed, her brown eyes misting over slightly.

"Aunt Harriet looked after me and I am grateful that she never let me want for anything and brought me up as best she could, but I could have done without those punishments. I was whipped at least once a week. Even when I thought I'd been an absolute angel Aunt Harriet found something to whip me for. 'Go get your strop, girl' was what she used to say to me, and I had to go fetch the 'strop'. It was this short, broad, thick length of leather and boy did Aunt Harriet know how to use it! I had to strip to my bra and panties and lay flat on my stomach on Aunt Harriet's bed. I usually closed my eyes and as I said I honestly cannot remember the feeling of the strap on my bottom. All I can remember is the sound of it all. The sound of Aunt Harriet's feet as she took up position at the side of the bed. The noise my panties made as Aunt Harriet slowly lowered them to my knee hollows. Her stern voice saying: 'Bottom up, girl! Nice and high.' Then the sound of the strop as it sang through the air.

"I used to clench my cheeks together just before this really loud thwack, the strap curled around my buttocks and cracked as it sank in, then slithered as it slid across and off my bottom. I'd scream and then it would happen all over again. I generally lost count, but I don't think I ever got less than twenty and never more than forty. Even now I can't wear a belt or even look at one without hearing my 'strop' scream through the air and that crack as it connected with my unprotected backside."

Everyone we spoke to associated a different sound and sensation with their spankings, and in Samantha's case the sound of spanking is all she can remember about it. It would seem that the sound of spanking is every bit as important to a chastened young lady and the strong women that discipline them as the colour, heat and pain that any good spanking also produces.

In recognition of his considerable contributions and efforts on behalf of Bared Affair, SEEGEE was recently appointed the Deputy Editor of the magazine.



It seems that more and more families are moving away from "liberal" churches, like the Presbyterian, Episcopal and Roman Catholic faiths, toward their cousins among the Bible Belt's conservative congregations.

At the Received Wisdom Ecumenical Society(SM), we understand that a variety of "social consciousness" factors motivate young parents to leave the faith in which they were raised and to join an Old Time Religion church, ranging from views on premarital relationships, ordination of women, homosexual conduct, and the discipline of children.

We happen to think that the Catholics, Presbyterians and Episcopalians have it right when it comes to most of these social issues. But mothers of teenaged daughters might be surprised to know how affirmative so-called "liberal" churches have become in the past few years on the proper way to punish misbehavior.

Yes, liberal churches believe in spanking too! Watch this space for more ads and position papers on our belief that sometimes the best solution for a naughty daughter is to give her a hot bottom.

At the Received Wisdom Ecumenical Society, we believe that the best lessons in life are learned at our mother's knee.

Mary-Kate Smartt, Founder and President

Disclaimer: Bared Affair is a spoof publication that contains F/f (or F/F) spanking fantasies and is purely for the enjoyment of its readership. It is published ten times per year on, the Soc.Sexuality.Spanking newsgroup, the Spanking Pages MSN Group (, and on Bared Affair's web site (

Any resemblance with real people, living or dead, is unintentional or is solely meant as satire. Please do not believe anything you read on the Internet.

All material is Copyright 2004 by the authors, who retain full rights to the writing herein.
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